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Ningbo Jinhui Precision Casting Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Minghui Metal Technology Co., Ltd.) is China Marine Parts Factory and Marine Parts Manufacturers. The company is a joint-stock enterprise that integrates casting, precision forging, and CNC machining. The company was founded in 2000 and is located in Xizetang Industrial Zone, Xianxiang Town, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City. The company is more than 20 kilometers away from Dongfang Port - Beilun Port, 5 kilometers away from Yongguan Expressway, and 50 kilometers away from Ningbo International Airport, making transportation very convenient. The company has a casting factory and a forging factory. The company has been awarded honorary titles such as "National High tech Enterprise," National "Specialized New Special Precision" Small Giant Enterprise, and Zhejiang Provincial High tech Enterprise Research and Development Center.
Four Advantages of Warm Core Box Shell Forming Process.

Technological Advantages

  • Use pearl sand and environmentally friendly resin. Baozhu sand is spherical, with a smooth surface, high fire resistance, easy to collapse, good stability, and can be recycled. Environmentally friendly resin, free of phenol and formaldehyde, with national invention patents.

  • The sand shell has high thermal strength, and its strength gradually increases during the casting process, which can effectively ensure the dimensional accuracy of the casting; When the casting begins to cool and solidify, the strength of the sand shell rapidly decreases and has the characteristic of good collapsibility.

  • Production casting quality: The dimensional accuracy and surface quality are equivalent to that of water glass wax loss casting, but under the same production conditions, the mechanical properties are significantly better than that of water glass wax loss casting products.

  • Production efficiency: When the mold is ready to use, casting blanks can be obtained in 3-5 days, greatly shortening the delivery cycle, and the production cost is lower than that of the water glass wax loss process.


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    Normalizing Furnace System With Temperature Control For Multiple Heating Zones (Jinhui)
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    A Temperature Controlled Furnace System With Multiple Heating Zones (Jinhui)
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    An Intelligent Heat Treatment System (Jinhui)
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    An Intelligent Recycling System For Casting Wax Patterns (Jinhui)
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    Pouring System For Railway Spring Head Castings (Jinhui)
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    Pouring System For Track Shoe Castings Used In Construction Machinery (Jinhui)
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    Pouring System For Railway Diagonal Wedge Castings (Jinhui)
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    Large Span Translational And Rotary Robotic Arm (Jinhui)
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    A Clamping Device (Utility Model Patent Certificate) Jinhui
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    Utility Model Patent Certificate (Jinhui)
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    Pouring System For Buffer Castings For Railway Trains (Minghui)
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    Pouring System For Buffer Castings For Railway Trains (Minghui)


Industry knowledge

1.The key role of marine parts in ship operation
Marine parts play an integral role in the operation of ships. Its importance is reflected in many aspects, including propulsion systems, energy conversion, structural strength, navigation and communications. The performance of marine parts directly affects the safety, efficiency and economy of the ship. 
The performance of engine parts is related to the propulsion and fuel efficiency of the ship, the design of the hull structural parts directly affects the ship's ability to withstand wind and waves, and the stability of the electrical system parts is related to the degree of automation of the ship. Therefore, the quality and performance of marine parts are crucial in ensuring the normal operation of ships, improving navigation efficiency, and ensuring crew safety.

2. Classification of marine parts: from engines to navigation systems
a)Classification of engine parts: Piston system: includes components such as pistons, piston rings, and connecting rods, which directly participate in the combustion process of the engine.
Crankshaft and crankrod: Involved in the rotational motion of the engine, they are crucial to the smooth operation of the engine.
Cooling system: Including water cooling system and air cooling system, used to control the temperature of the engine to ensure that it operates within a suitable operating temperature range.
b)Classification of hull structural parts: Hull design: For different types of ships, the design of the hull needs to take into account factors such as hydrodynamics, structural strength, and ship stability.
Keels and Trusses: These structural components play a key role in the rigidity and overall strength of the hull.
Anti-corrosion protection: Hull structural parts also include anti-corrosion coatings and anti-fouling coatings to increase the service life of the ship.
c)Classification of electrical system parts: Generator system: including generator, generator control system and power distribution system to ensure a stable power supply for the ship.
Navigation lights and signaling systems: Used to identify the position, status and driving intention of the ship to enhance navigation safety.
Marine electronic equipment: including radar, communication equipment, navigation instruments, etc., providing information support for ships.